Donald Trump and the assault on truth

A very good commentary to what is happening.

The Armchair Commentary

I know that I’m stating the obvious here, but I’m going to state it anyway in case it isn’t obvious to everyone.

Today, Donald Trump will launch another campaign. This campaign will consist of both legal action and disinformation as he seeks to find a way to win the election that he has more than likely lost.

He needs this. His followers need this. They are betting against hope that some massive fraud will be uncovered and that the election win will be awarded to him.

Incidentally, and I believe also NOT coincidentally, right wing personalities have called for an exodus from Facebook to another platform. This other platform will likely serve as an echo chamber for right wing conspiracy theories and all other manner of nonsense. There are people who know what they are joining and are more than happy to be in such a space. However, there will…

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I am a teacher (taking a maternity break now), a bemused wife of my favorite man, a mother of two (a teenager and an infant), a Russian-American currently living in El Salvador. Update: The little one is turning three next week, I started working (teaching) again last fall, and we have moved to Seoul, South Korea.
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